Corporate Wellness



From stress reduction, to what to eat during the day to sustain your energy, to setting up your office or cubicle for success, there are many topics and programs that enhance employee well-being.


According to the american Public Health Assoc., NASA, American Journal of Epidemiology in 2013:


Obesity costs the U.S. $147 BILLION annually.


Every dollar spent on workplace wellness decreases medical costs by $3.27 and decreases costs associated with abseenteeism by $2.37 per employee. The employer saves an average of $5.81.


According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control), premiums are expected to reach $20,000 per employee by the year 2020.


The American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine showed in 2013 a wellness program can reduce medical costs by more than 18% per person.


In 2012, Health Policy Brief found that the number of companies with wellness programs doubled, to 70% of all US companies. (Is yours one of them?)


Many studies show that wellness programs can improve work force productivity and morale, as well as individual health and satisfaction.


Pretty amazing statistics, especially when you think of how it affects your staff and your costs.  I would love to help by creating a custom Wellness Plan for your company. Together we can come up with a system that works wonders for you and your employees. We offer options such as a “Lunch and Learn” series of short but helpful talks, a group program for anywhere from 6 weeks to 6 months (or more), one-on-one sessions, or combinations of all of the above.  Please contact me to for a no-charge strategy session, and I will happily give you ideas and costs for how to get started.


Talks & Workshops Available:

7 Steps to Jumpstart Weight Loss Without Dieting

Eating for Energy: Avoiding the Afternoon Crash Without Caffeine or Sugar

Quick + Simple Ways to Destress Anywhere

Self-Care for the Overscheduled

No More Boring Brown-Bag Lunches

Eat More to Weigh Less

What’s Really in Your Food? Restaurant Edition

What’s Really in Your Food? Grocery Store Edition

The Bittersweet Truth About Sugar

Fats: The Good, The Bad and The Healthy

The Frequent Traveler: Staying Healthy While on the Road

Smoothies 101: Drink Your Fruits and Vegetables

Smoothies 102: Supercharge Your Smoothies

Why Dish Soap and Dry Cleaning Make You Fat

Set Up for Success: How to Feng Shui Your Office or Cubicle


New topics are added on a regular basis, and are also available by request. Most talks are approximately one hour, including a Q + A allowance.  Many topics can be shortened to 30 or 45 minutes if needed.  


Customized Health Fairs

Give employees the opportunity to learn and connect with people in their own community that can help them with their own health and healing while having a great time.  Self-care, healthy food, movement, screenings and more.  


Winning Loser Contests

Have a great time challenging and supporting each other to become the “Winning Loser”.  Lose weight in a group setting where there is built in accountability, support, and fun.  Programs incentivize employees to become active, eat healthier, incorporate self-care, and even work on their own workspace environments to become healthier and happier at home and at the office.  


Office Makeovers:  Create an office that is productive as well as a reflection of who you are, and where you want to go.  

Your environment has a huge effect on how you think, how your body feels, and how you are able to function in your space. Using design and feng shui principles, we will shift your space to feel more supportive and clear.  We will make adjustments on the spot, and give you a plan to go forward. Consultations run from 60 minutes on up, depending on the size of the space.  Custom design and furnishings also available.  



Please contact me here for more information.