Group Programs

Group Coaching gives you the foundations of healthy living, with a bit of one-on-one, and the benefits of a peer support system.  Learn the secrets to healthy living, make friends that help keep you accountable, and have a blast in the process.  This is a great way to begin!


We cover many of the same topics as in personalized coaching, but in a group setting. You get the benefit of peer support, at a reduced investment.


Here are some of the results that you can expect:


Weight Loss, so you look and feel great in your skinny jeans


Real Energy, so you make it through the day feeling alert and capable without caffeine


A Glowing Complexion, looking more alive and youthful


Feel more organized, so you are on top of your tasks and to-do lists


Be confident about food choices, knowing you can throw together healthy and delicious meals without living in the kitchen


Know what ingredients work for your body, and which ones to avoid


Navigate the grocery shopping with ease, as you know exactly what you are looking for


Learn what household products you should completely avoid, which will make you hold onto fat


Integrate the art of self-care, so that its a welcome and expected part of your daily life


Know with confidence what you are putting ON your body is as important as what you put IN your body, and know what ingredients that means to avoid


Connect in a private group Facebook page, so that you can get additional support from your peers.


Included are a variety of handouts, recipes, books, and self-care items.


If you would like to know more, please contact me here.