• Lose Weight, Be Healthy, Feel Fantastic

    Learn to create a healthy lifestyle that you love, including delicious food that is simple and easy to prepare. You'll look and feel amazing.

  • Want it to be easy?

    Perfect! We'll help you to shift your thoughts and show you how to make it easy. It actually is.

  • Self-Care

    Self-care is part of being healthy. Make it a part of your life. Guilt-free.

  • Does Your Environment Support You?

    Love the space where you live, work and play. Your environment should be aligned with your goals so that you feel supported and whole. I'll show you how.

A holistic, plant-based approach to weight loss and feeling fantastic. It's a healthy lifestyle, not a diet. And you'll love the results.

Personalized Coaching

If you want customized attention to achieving your wellness goals, while transitioning to a healthier lifestyle that makes you feel fabulous, Personalized Coaching may be right for you.

Group Programs

Ready to learn the secrets to healthy living, and love the synergy of groups? Group Coaching is perfect for you. Discover how to radically improve your health, lose weight, destress, and declutter, with the support of other like-minded people.

Corporate Wellness

From stress reduction, to what to eat during the day to sustain your energy, to setting up your office or cubicle for success, there are many topics and programs that enhance employee well being.

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