This is one of my favorite secrets that I share with my clients.  The list of benefits is so long, but the short list is it does give you a burst of energy (without caffeine), and stops cravings in their tracks. What is this miracle in a dropper?


Chlorphyll Drops


Chlorophyll.  As in the same green compound responsible for photosynthesis in plants, which creates energy. It works for humans too.


Plain Water


Just start with filtered water.



Add as many drops as are recommended on bottle, this one suggests 18. Watch your water turn into a deep emerald green (then almost black green) powerhouse.



This simple drink floods your blood with oxygen, which is very cleansing, and gives you an instant energy lift.  It actually acts like hemoglobin (the protein in our red blood cells), and will help us to produce even more red blood cells.  So if you’re anemic, it’s something you should consume regularly.  And it stops cravings.  Instantly.


You can find chlorophyll tablets or drops, plain or mint flavor, which is generally pretty mild.  I prefer the drops as you don’t have to wait for them to dissolve, but they DO STAIN, so be aware.  You can get them almost anywhere, easily found at Whole Foods or on Amazon.

The next time you are having an afternoon crash, reach for this quick fix, rather than a high-calorie latte and see how much better you feel.  It’s also a great drink to sip on while working out, as it keeps the oxygen flowing while you’re sweating out those toxins.



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