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I get asked a lot about how safe it is to use microwaves. Personally, I use it daily. For storage. That’s it. Actually, I do occasionally take out what’s inside to “nuke” a natural heat pack for sore muscles, so it does have a second purpose.  What I will never do with it again is heat up food or water in it for the ease of a quick fix. My belief is that it is harmful to whatever is being heated, and to the person while standing next to it.


There are many articles that are well-written demonstrating the dangers, but here, in a nutshell (pun intended, you’ll see why in a moment) I don’t use one:


Microwaves use friction heat which means it changes the molecular structure (actually erupting the cell membranes of the food or liquid) into something not recognizable as natural to your body. This can create an auto-immune response, which means your body gears up to fight off what is being consumed by upping your white blood cell count. This is helpful when you have an invader, but if your body has to work that hard just to balance out food on a daily basis, you’re asking for trouble.


You also may be incorporating plastic or styrofoam into your food if that’s what’s holding your food.  Most pre-packaged foods are in some form of plastic, and have those thin plastic layers over the top so the food doesn’t explode all over the place, but what it does is creates a meal infused with plastic. This is dangerous on so many levels, it’s not worth the risk. Styrofoam cup of coffee?  Same thing.  Please don’t. Your health is worth so much more than a quick (processed and most likely GMO containing) meal.


Although in the last link below questions this argument, I’m saying it anyway.  Microwaves DO emit EMFs (electro-magnetic fields) which basically pelts your body with electricity at a rate that is not safe.  There are many gadgets we use every minute of the day that do the same thing, such as your computer, cell phone, hair dryer, TV, etc., but why add one more?  This is a whole post to come, but for now, just know it’s detrimental to your body.  You can become sick and tired from too much exposure, and you are most likely very overexposed.


A bit more reading on the subject:


The Proven Dangers of Microwave Ovens


The Proven Dangers of Microwaves


11 Surprising Facts and Myths about Microwave Ovens  This doesn’t dispute that there are any EMFs, just the level of danger with them.  Trust me, we all get too much.



So here is how I use my microwave:


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I use amber glass jars for all of my raw nuts, and a few other basics like groats and oats.  I can get nine jars on the turntable, an six more along the two sides, so I have fifteen jars of storage that I can easily access every day. So actually, I love my microwave.  It supports my rule that if you keep healthier choices within easy reach, you’ll make better food choices every day.



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